in production: documentary “FINDING PK”

This documentary is called “Finding PK”, not “Looking for PK”, as it appears that there is a respectable amount of scientific and historical evidence for the existence of mental influence over distant objects (called psychokinesis, or PK). Yet this evidence is generally ignored and ridiculed by the public and the scientific mainstream, as it does not fit in with our current paradigm. There are people who want to change that. This is their story.

Written and directed by Robert Narholz

6 Responses to “in production: documentary “FINDING PK””

  • Frank Frank

    Where can I buy the film (-s) etc.
    About Kai Mugge and the felix Experimental group?

    • lena

      Hi Frank, thanks for your inquiry. “Finding PK” (with Kai M.) is in production, and has a tentative relase date for winter 2014-2015. Please check back with us then! Kind regards, Admin

  • Martin

    Hey, when is the release of finding pk???????

    • lena

      Thanks for your inquiry! Finding PK is still in production – we hope to be able to set a release date later this year. Please check back in with us then.

  • Scott Lutz

    Hello , has this been released yet? Thanks.

    • lena

      Thanks for your interest. It is still in production, and is scheduled to be released next year.

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